Comm-Tec takes on QSC Systems portfolio in Austria

Comm-Tec takes on QSC Systems portfolio in Austria
QSC has signed European distributor Comm-Tec to handle its QSC Systems portfolio in Austria in a deal that started January 1, 2018.

Markus Winkler, senior vice president of QSC Systems, said: “Comm-Tec is a competent partner with local roots and international relevance capable of serving both national and multinational customer needs. We look forward to enlisting this partnership to provide local distribution and product support to our Austrian customers.”   

Carsten Steinecker, managing director at Comm-Tec, added: “We are thrilled to offer the Q-Sys platform as the flagship for the QSC Systems portfolio.” 

“This market-leading, software-based audio, video and control (AV&C) platform significantly reduces required hardware and helps our customers minimize time spent on designing, commissioning and maintaining an AV&C system. The Q-Sys platform provides more flexibility and will help future proof every project from a small conference room, restaurant, to a full enterprise.”

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