Colour light output standard is approved by the SID

Colour light output standard is approved by the SID
Anyone remember the colour light output standard that was being bandied about at InfoComm 2008 by 3LCD? No, I rather thought not. At the time, we questioned its value as a projector evaluation tool when there didn't seem to be a massive queue of vendors lining up to endorse or support it, or at least no one who didn't exclusively sell 3LCD projection products. Fast forward four years and it seems the scheme’s originators have managed to get the SID  on side as a supporter.

In the International Display Measurement Standard (IDMS) document, which it issued during Display Week 2012, the SID outlines standardised measurement methodologies for displays, including projectors.

Included in that document is reference to a colour performance standard, referred to by the SID as colour light output. According to 3LCD’s release on the subject, the SID concluded that a colour performance standard was scientifically valid and relevant for the display industry and included the methodology in the IDMS.

As we stated in our initial reporting 3LCD projectors fare better than DLP based devices when tested according to the colour light output metric, so it is unsurprising that the company is championing the standard. However, the apparent endorsement from the SID lends more weight to the scheme.

What the document specifically does NOT do is to endorse it above any other measurement methodology. The opening paragraph of the report reads:

“The hope is to serve standards organizations that wish to minimize the amount of space dedicated to measurement descriptions and make reference to this document instead. Consider the measurements in this document to be a buffet from which the desired measurement methods can be selected depending upon the needs of the user.”

The nearly 600 page IDMS document is available from the SID website, as a 50 mb PDF download should you wish to read it. I confess that InAVate has not yet fully read it cover to cover, but it can be found via the link below, along with our original reporting.

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