Collabtech hires Matt Shaw as business development VP

Collabtech hires Matt Shaw as business development VP
Matt Shaw has been appointed as Collabtech Group’s vice president of business development, joining the company after 10 years working in Microsoft’s UC department.

At Microsoft, Shaw worked as the global marketing lead for the Microsoft Surface Hub, generating extensive experience in the world of hybrid working.

With Collabtech, Shaw will focus on modern management of the meeting space, develop a strategy for supporting and refining the digital workflow and supporting the channel with knowledge acquisition.

Jon Sidwick, president, Collabtech Group, commented: “We’ve seen some fascinating tactical and responsive activities happening across numerous areas of digital collaboration. But the future success of collaboration depends on us removing barriers and gaining a better understanding of what works best for business in order to develop the services and programmes that empower the future of modern management and flexible.

“It’s great to have Matt, and his extensive experience, joining us at this crucial time as we launch new initiatives to support the channel across these areas.”

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