Coda signs new distributor for Benelux

Coda signs new distributor for Benelux
Coda Audio has appointed audio systems specialist, Viladco bvba as its distributor for the Benelux region. Viladco, headed by Hans Engelen, will also offer after-sales service for Coda products.

“From the very first meeting, it was clear to all concerned that Hans brought a high level of professionalism and knowledge to the party. His dedicated approach to customer service and his boundless energy and drive made us all take notice,” said Coda’s Mick Anderson.

“With the changes forced on us by the demise of our former business representatives, Coda had the opportunity to look above and beyond the normal selection process of seeking new distribution partners.

“Competition is strong in Europe, so Coda was keen to find partners who would naturally go that extra mile for the existing customer network, be able to develop the markets, secure ongoing new clients and really develop a large network of satisfied end users in the Benelux region. Of greatest importance is the ability to understand our technologies and communicate this to the markets.

“In Hans and Viladco we have found exactly this and more. Hans has outstanding technical abilities and he combines this with warm human skills, which naturally make him easy to work with.”