Coda Audio makes Bundesliga debut at the BayArena, Leverkusen

Coda Audio makes Bundesliga debut at the BayArena, Leverkusen
Technology group Wilhelm and Willhalm has supplied a Coda Audio system for German football team Bayer Leverkusen.

First opened in 1958, the club recently took the decision to replace its existing audio provision. To cover the tiers inside the stadium marine-grade APS are deployed across 16 positions, 14 of which comprise 5 APS each.

Due to structural restrictions a further two positions for the south stand comprise 2 units each. APS versions with a horizontal dispersion angle of 60°/90°/120° are used in different combinations to match the respective tier topology, allowing different sound zones to be customised.

Media representatives, for example, can work relatively undisturbed at pre-designated interview positions, while fans continue to listen to music or stadium announcements. A feature of the design (and new for the stadium) is a system to cover the pitch itself. Here, 4 groups of 2 APS units point downwards from the roof to cover the entire surface.

The system is driven by 12 x Coda Audio LINUS14D amplifiers, each delivering 4 x 3500 watts at 4 ohms.



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