Claim to largest flexi display

Claim to largest flexi display
The Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University claims to have produced the largest flexible colour organic LED (OLED) display using advanced mixed-oxide thin-film transistors. Reports of flexible display technologies are becoming more common but are generally associated with mobile solutions. The display that measures 7.4" diagonally represents a breakthrough in the market.

The display was produced in conjunction with scientists from the Army Research Labs. It meets a critical target set by the US Department of Defense to advance full-color, full-motion video flexible OLED displays for use in thin, bendable, lightweight yet highly rugged devices.

“This is a significant manufacturing breakthrough for flexible display technology,” said Nick Colaneri, director of the FDC. "It provides a realistic path forward for the production of high-performance, flexible, full-color OLED displays, accelerating commercialization of the technology in the process."

"One of the primary directives of the FDC has been to pursue approaches to flexible technologies that take advantage of existing manufacturing processes," Colaneri said. “This display showcases the center's successful scale-up to GEN II, and our ability to produce displays using mixed-oxide TFTs in standard process flows with our proprietary bond/de-bond technology."

The full-color OLED display was exhibited in early June at SID Display Week, held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.