Cisco AV integrator programme heads for Europe

Cisco AV integrator programme heads for Europe
The Cisco AV Integrator programme, announced in the US over the summer, will hit the EMEA and APAC regions this year.

That’s according to Paul Depperschmidt, global business development manager AV, and the man responsible for spearheading the company’s global efforts with AV Integration.

The programme is based on the same structure as the well established Cisco Developer Network (CDN) system, which places no emphasis on sales targets, but requires members to adhere to recognised quality and performance standards.

Interestingly, the company has chosen to waive the membership fees for at least the first year for the AV integrator programme, stating on its website that the costs are being absorbed by the telepresence business unit.

It also offers reassurance that projects that must be submitted as part of the certification procedure will remain confidential and not used as part of any sales / marketing activity.

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