Christie projectors to power hundreds of Moroccan cinema screens

Christie projectors to power hundreds of Moroccan cinema screens
Christie projectors will be installed at 700 cinema screens across Morocco as part of a spate of projects carried out by Global Entertainment.

The government-backed project will see more than 100 screens installed with Christie projection at cultural centres across the country, on behalf of the Moroccan Ministry of Culture and Communications. A second project will see an additional 100 Christie projectors installed at Cinerji, a new exhibitor, in sites across Morocco.

Cinerji is set to open screens at 25 multiplexes in large and medium-sized cities in Morocco, while the Ministry of Culture and Communications project will see screens installed across the country’s government-owned cultural buildings.

Hakim Chagraoui, CEO, Global Entertainment, commented: “Both projects reflect our commitment to providing high-quality and accessible cinema experiences to communities across the region, with a significant cultural impact,” says Hakim Chagraoui, founder and CEO of Global Entertainment.

“The cinema culture in Morocco is rich and diverse, with a long history of film production and consumption. The country also has a strong appetite for international films and cinema-going is a popular social activity, particularly among younger generations. We chose Christie solutions for our cinema project due to their reputation for quality and reliability, which are what we were looking for to offer the best experience to our customers. The equipment has met and exceeded our expectations, and we would highly recommend Christie solutions.”

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