Christie and Prysm spotted at Burberry flagship store

Christie and Prysm spotted at Burberry flagship store
Burberry has opened its flagship store at 121 Regent Street in London under the tag line, bringing to life. The company is so far tight-lipped about the technology behind a store that fuses the real with the digital, but an undercover visit revealed some interesting details. Sadly no Burberry items were purchased in the writing of this article.

The store contains a 22-foot video screen, which we believe is constructed from Prysm LPD tiles.

A number of mirrors also double up as video displays, and are activated by the proximity of RFID tags attached to clothing.

Finally, a climb up the majestic staircases to the shop’s mezzanine level reveals further tiled displays, which are clearly constructed from Christie MicroTiles.

Reports in the London press also state that the store includes 500 hidden loudspeakers and a space for live events.

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