Chirp transmits data via audio clips

Chirp transmits data via audio clips
Developers of a technology that sends data using audio clips have embarked on a major funding push. Chirp, a start up that emerged from the University College London, says its patent-pending technology enables devices to “sing” data to each other using a small audio clip dubbed a chirp. The crowdfunding campaign was launched this week on Crowdcube alongside a platform upgrade for the technology.

Chirp argues that if birds can sing to communicate then so should we. Currently any devices capable of producing sound can transmit data, including links, photos or messages. There are many applications in short distance transmission but using a device like a radio could widen the scope of the technology.

The system means there is no need to type address, enter passwords or pair devices. Furthermore it requires no mobile or wireless network to send the audio links, which can then be downloaded from the cloud or opened from local storage.

Chrip has now launched an SDK for mobile developers, opening up potential for use in media campaigns and ticketing.

Patrick Bergel, founder and Creator of Chirp, said the company was “building an internet made of sound”.

“With so many new products on the horizon, great progress with trial partners and a compelling commercial model, we have a lot of things to shout about,” he added.