Chinese university issues acceptance letters with AR

Chinese university issues acceptance letters with AR
The Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) in China has issued a letter of acceptance to new students using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. This is thought to be the first use of the technology for this purpose in the world.

Students first scan a QR code on WeChat, which prompts the download of NPU's AR app.  Using the app the lucky student is then prompted to scan the letter, front and back. Once they have done this the students will be able to see a virtual model of the university, including information about its history and find out more about its engineering progammes.

"Although the admission notice is just a piece of paper, the carefully embedded AR technology serves to show a cutting-edge temperament and a sense of pride," said Xie Dan, admissions office deputy director, NPU.

"The introduction of the school's history and discipline characteristics demonstrates a spirit, which makes the admission notice an exclusive gift to students. AR technology makes admission information to move, opening the door to innovation," Xie added.

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