China's Ledman sets sights on Europe

Chinese LED specialist, Ledman has launched a Germany headquartered company with offices in Denmark, Italy and Spain in a bid to storm Europe.

The LED component, display and lighting manufacturer has established Ledman Europe GmbH and secured EMC certification for its products.

"To support our customers properly, it’s very important that we understand what is required in each location around the world," says Ledman founder and chairman Martin Lee. "Europe has very specific requirements when it comes to product certification, technical specifications and the need for customization, so to operate there successfully, we need experts with local knowledge.

"Every product we produce now meets the highest technical standards of the European market and, with our base conveniently located in Southern Germany, we can offer planning assistance, maintenance, installation support and pre- and aftersales service in a customer’s own language and time zone."

Michiel Hettinga, a15-year LED veteran with experience at Lighthouse Technologies and DisplayLED, will head up the European operation.

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