China Europe International Business School upgrades with Shure wireless systems

AUTHOR: Inavate

China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), a leading international business school in Asia, has upgraded its facilities by choosing to install 96 channels of the Shure QLX-D Digital wireless system to be used across 24 classrooms.

Cheng, a member of the audio management department at CEIBS, explained: "Due to the high concentration of classrooms in one area and their close proximity, we required a system with multiple frequency bands. This caused quite some difficulties when we researched potential systems for our wireless microphone upgrade.”

Designed specifically for high spectrum efficiency, the QLX-D operates more on-air channels than other wireless system in its category, making it a match for the CEIBS auditorium and classroom buildings where multiple classes are in session simultaneously.

Cheng highlighted another advantage of the selection: “Thanks to its Ethernet connectivity, QLX-D was extremely simple to set up and we could effortlessly connect all the receivers. The networked, automatic channel scanning also makes it very easy for us to find and assign open frequencies across all our receivers, and we can quickly deploy them to the transmitters with the IR sync function. This solved a lot of our audio interference issues.”

The audio management department at CEIBS is also utilizing the Shure Wireless Workbench 6 control software to manage the entire system and to carry out advanced frequency coordination. Cheng concluded: “With its outstanding wireless capabilities, QLX-D is a great solution for our campus setup. We’ve happily used Shure for a long time and its professional wireless systems fit perfectly into our technologically advanced facilities.”