Chief announces new swingarms in Thinstall Series

Chief announces new swingarms in Thinstall Series
Chief has launched its new Thinstall series of swing arm mounts that are designed for use with all types of flat panel televisions.

The company will present the new mounts at ISE 2011. The ruggedly-constructed mounts have a 38 mm profile and extend up to 63.5 cm for viewing from any angle, and support up to 56.7 kg.

Engineered for use with LED, LCD and plasma TVs, the Thinstall swing arm mounts collapse to 38mm depth and offer smooth, Centris fingertip tilt. Forged steel arms are utilised within the Thinstall design for extra strength and rigidity. Chief’s Centerless lateral shift feature offers up to 40cm of post-install lateral shift, while height and leveling adjustments of up to 25mm can be made after the mount is in place.

All necessary hardware - including screws, spacers, and hex keys - are supplied for mounting on wood, concrete, or brick walls. Multiple cable paths have also been provided and are enclosed with covers allowing tool-free access. A wide-open wall plate lets installers quickly place the mount and connect power. In virtually any application, a single person can easily mount the system’s top rail and slide on the entire assembly.

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