CGR France upgrades Christie offering

CGR France upgrades Christie offering
CGR Cinemas has announced that it will be upgrading its projection offering in selected outlets with the Solaria CP42LH RGB laser model from Christie.

The chain will be deploying the projectors as part of its new ‘Premium Room’ offering to be delivered across France from December onward, installed by Cine Digital Service.

The projectors will primarily be installed in CGR’s auditoria that seat up to 200 people. Here the cinema-going experience will involve an easy booking process and no queues before being guided down subtly-lit corridors an architect-designed auditorium where custom lighting behind fabric walls suited to the film to build an atmosphere as the audience waits for it begin.

CGR is the first cinema chain in EMEA to deploy Christie CP42LH and laser modules that generate white light from multiple combinations of RGB primary colour wavelengths to counteract speckle.

“We were impressed by the clarity of images and brightness of the Christie system. It’s a 57,200-lumen laser projector which gives incredible brightness and the technology using 9 primary colours gives beautiful image quality. We will be using a new format, which manages and increases both light and contrast and we knew this projector head was perfect to give our Premium Concept the difference we were looking for in order to bring the best in 2D or in 3D,” commented Sébastien Bruel, Technical Director CGR Cinema.

Christie has been working with CGR since its large-scale digital cinema roll out began in 2007.