CES 2016 puts future car tech on show

bosch Light Cocoon concept car
bosch EDAG Light Cocoon concept car

Concept cars implementing AV technology at the heart of their design were a standout at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which saw brands including BMW and Bosch showcase innovations in gesture control and digital dashboards which could soon be on our roads.

CES 2016 provided the platform for BMW to introduce its ‘AirTouch’ control technology, which allows users to adjust volume, access navigation and answer a phone call with an in-air gesture.

By sitting in the German manufacturer’s 7 Series flagship car and pointing the index finger straight up and twirling it at the central screen can alter volume as part of the BMW’s own brand of sign language. A large panoramic screen acts as the control interface for AirTouch, with sensors installed in the centre console to read movements from a user’s hand.

Whilst BMW hope to minimise driver distraction on the road, Bosch want to ensure all eyes are on your car and has introduced a smart car that is styled with digital displays. The company’s show car garnered much attention at CES on behalf of its illuminated door panels and full-length digital dashboard.

Thought to be a model of the 2015 EDAG Light Cocoon, the technology is powered by a fully digital dashboard, featuring a display console and displays which function as side-view mirrors. The system provides real-time information about navigation and the vehicle’s environment.

A cloud-based wrong-way driver alert system to be launched next year was also presented by Bosch. The system analyses anonymised vehicle movement data to notify the user and surrounding drivers within seconds of any vehicles driving against the direction of travel.

Bosch hopes to integrate its smart cars with a user’s smart home, and is working to allow a driver to manage their home’s climate control, appliance operation and security from the system in the future.