CBS Outdoor launches cross-track projection

AUTHOR: Inavate

CBS outdoor has co-operated with Digital Projection International to deliver XTP (cross track projection), a digital signage advertising network on the London Underground , creating a world first in terms of its screen size and sophistication.

The system went live on June 30th, and will operated at 23 sites in 5 of the tube’s busiest stations. The 14ft screens will be created by the specially design XTP HD300 projection system from DPI. The projectors are 100% sealed from the outside air and dust and are fully waterproof, being rated as IP65. They also include geometry correction to precisely align the images to the curvature of the tube tunnel wall.

The first group of advertising partners that CBS Outdoor has attracted includes Nestlé, Sky, Magners and Paramount and their deals will run for at least six weeks from the launch date.