Cameo puts a spotlight on ZOOM night club

Cameo puts a spotlight on ZOOM night club
The new ZOOM night club in Frankfurt, Germany, called on Cameo to add a spotlight extravaganza for its revamped look.

Lighting designer, Jojo Tillmann, stepped up to provide a Cameo solution for the club’s individual areas, creating a more artistic installation than is typical for this kind of environment.

The current setup at ZOOM titled ‘space-encompassing light art installation (rGB zOOM), using Cameo’s ZENIT W300, AZOR B1, MOVO BEAM Z100 and PixBar 600 Pro spotlights.

41 ZENIT W300 washlights are used to add broad brush, used as area lights and strobes, while the 12 AZOR B1 beam moving heads emphasise the room’s geometry at the central, round light rig in the middle of the room.

71 MOVO BEAM Z100 beams and eight PixBar 600 Pro ED bars are used to light up ‘the triangle’, simulating  the effect of a single luminaire on the ceiling.

The club’s lounge and gastronomy areas are home to 127 Cameo H1 FC houselights adding flexible, coloured illumination for the space.

Tillmann said: “Cameo has made a big leap from consumer products to professional fixtures in recent years. I particularly see this with the younger generation of lighting designers, who use Cameo with conviction. At the same time, the price/performance factor still plays a big role in the choice, as well as its growing availability at the major dry hire companies.”


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