Cameo lights up Coronation Concert for King Charles III at Windsor Castle

Cameo lights up Coronation Concert for King Charles III at Windsor Castle
The official concert to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, held in front of Windsor Castle, and attended by more than 20,000 visitors, which featured performances by Katy Perry, Take That and Lionel Richie, included more than 500 Cameo lights.

The impressive circular stage in front of the illuminated east wing of Windsor Castle, which houses the private chambers of the royal family, measures 35 x 35 metres. To the left and right, 30-metre-long stage wings extended the set, along with two diagonal 13 m long catwalks leading from the front of the stage. Also, the 'Halo' - a 52-metre-wide and six-metre-high LED screen with 15 million pixels in total.
Nevertheless, the production team had taken precautions: all Cameo lights on and off stage were IP65 rated. In total, Nigel Catmur - who had already used hundreds of Cameo outdoor fixtures for the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022 - opted for 40 OTOS H5 Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid Moving Heads, 79 ZENIT W600 LED Wash Lights, 148 FLAT PRO 7 G2 and 258 FLAT PRO 12 G2 LED Outdoor Spotlights.

While the FLAT PRO G2s were placed as compact RGBWA outdoor all-rounders on all levels of the huge stage as well as in the large rig below the LED screen, the ZENIT W600s framed the walls of Windsor Castle's gardens in the background of the stage as blinders and were also used in front of and on Windsor Castle itself to make the ancient walls gleam in all colours. The OTOS H5 complemented the lighting design with striking beam effects on both sides of the stage.
All 525 Cameo fixtures have been supplied by UK rental specialist Liteup Events.

images: WPA Pool

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