Cambridge Sound buys Dynasound

Cambridge Sound buys Dynasound
Cambridge Sound Management, a provider of sound masking and speech privacy products, has announced the acquisition of Dynasound, a commercial sound masking manufacturer.

To prepare for the next stage of growth, Cambridge Sound Management will integrate Dynasound's products, dedicated partners, and staff into Cambridge's sound masking business model.

"Dynasound has compelling speech protection technology, a loyal customer base, and a great team with a rich history of innovation and service in our category," says Christopher Calisi, CEO of Cambridge Sound Management. "With global demand for sound masking on the rise, we will be well positioned to further expand customer and channel support services and launch a new generation of solutions."

As more companies shift to open floor plans, the need for speech privacy and the reduction of noise distractions in the workplace is increasing. Additionally, with many organisations adding employees to a workspace without increasing the square footage, new productivity, privacy and security problems are emerging.

Sound masking solutions from Cambridge Sound Management and Dynasound have emerged as effective, virtually invisible technology to increase speech privacy and comfort, while enabling companies to maintain their open and collaborative work environments.

The companies will combine operations immediately under the Cambridge Sound Management brand. 

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