Burn-in compensated display

AUTHOR: Inavate

New Burn-In-Compensation („BIC“) technology means that visible burn-in effects have become a thing of the past, claim ict.

The new MIS-4230 Seamless FlatScreen from ict was presented at the company's booth at EuroShop in Düsseldorf . Integrated Burn-In-Compensation provides a solution for the problem which self-illuminating displays experience during their usage; i.e. visible burn-in effects become evident, especially when displaying static images. This new „BIC“-Technology automatically compensates the luminance of the individual pixels depending on how long the image has been displayed. Furthermore, BIC compensates for the varying ageing of the RGB light sources which results in a distinctly higher long-term stability of the colour settings. This ultimately results in longer operating life, reduced service costs and a generally broader scope of applications for the ict Seamless FlatScreens MIS-4230.
The display of static images for example in control rooms, airports or train stations, which up to now has been the domain of other technologies, can now be covered by this technology in the usual high image quality of plasma and with a much shallower installation space (e.g. compared to cubes).