B-Tech’s Mark Walker promoted to UK managing director

B-Tech’s Mark Walker promoted to UK managing director
Mark Walker has been promoted to the role of managing director UK for B-Tech AV mounts after 11 years of service with the company.

Walker first joined B-Tech in 2007, progressing quickly from an internal tech sales position all the way up to senior business development manager. 

In this new role, Walker will continue to lead the UK team in all aspects of the business, serving as a key decision maker in operational procedures that affect the wider B-Tech international group of companies globally.

Dick van Baarlen, CEO, B-Tech AV Mounts, commented: “I am absolutely delighted to announce Mark as the new MD of B-Tech in the UK. Mark has proven himself to be a more than capable individual over the past few years whilst performing his duties as Director of Operations and I am sure he will excel in this next step up.”

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