BT turns love digital

BT turns love digital
BT is using giant LED displays to spread love throughout the UK on Valentine’s Day. February 14 is associated with romantic love or friendship in many countries around the world and this year UK communications giant, BT is inviting people to tweet or text romantic messages. Tweets and texts that are deemed appropriate by BT will be displayed on screens in UK cities or on the LED display that encircles the top of London’s BT Tower.

The large displays are found at BT Live sites in 22 locations, from Belfast to Woolwich, throughout the UK.

Selected messages will be displayed on the "infoband" at the top of the BT Tower. The digital display on this London landmark has been used in various high profile campaigns, including a countdown to the London Olympics.

BT announced the campaign on its BT Life blog on February 9, 2012.

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