Brompton Technology launches Tessera training programme

Brompton Technology launches Tessera training programme
UK based video processing manufacturer, Brompton Technology has announced further training sessions on Brompton Tessera LED processing at its London HQ.

The programme, free for LED technicians, focuses on T1, S4, M2 and SX40 LED processors and XD data distribution units.

The sessions, which take attendees through the fundamentals of Brompton’s processors, to familiarise learners with the company’s products.

The courses will provide experience with Brompton’s features, including ChromaTune colour correction, Tessera processor software 2.2.0 for the 4K SX40 processor and ‘Dark Magic’ for colour smoothing.

Brompton will be holding training sessions throughout January 23 and 24, February 10 and 21, and March 20 and 21.

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