’˜Brexit’ poll result: AV industry shows support for Britain remaining in the EU

’˜Brexit’ poll result: AV industry shows support for Britain remaining in the EU
InAVate’s recent poll of the AV industry showed strong support for Britain remaining in the European Union, with 59% voting that they believe the country leaving would have a ‘negative impact on the industry.’ The landmark referendum takes place tomorrow on June 23, 2016, with the last 6 polls conducted indicating a narrow 2% lead (at 51%) for the ‘Remain’ campaign.

Nearly 200 people working or interested in pro-AV integration and management in the EMEA region took part in the poll, conducted over two months by InAVate magazine. Although country-wide polls of the public continue to suggest that the vote could go either way, the industry appears very much against a ‘Brexit’ vote.

Nearly 60% of readers believe voting to leave would be damaging to the industry, with 14% believing it could potentially have a positive impact on AV businesses. 26% of voters said that they see Britain leaving the EU having ‘no impact’ on the industry. 

As InAVate explored in its Brexit feature in May, management figures from Crestron, Stampede, TD Maverick and ScanSource Communications have come out in support of Britain staying in the EU. This is largely due to the uncertainty a vote to leave the EU could bring to the economy, trade regulations and the job market. Nearly all participants in the feature supported rebuilding Britain’s relationship with the EU, rather than voting to leave the union.

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