Brain mapping device uses LEDs to fight Alzheimer's

Brain mapping device uses LEDs to fight Alzheimer
IMediSync has unveiled its iSyncWave, a brain mapping and personalised NIR-LED therapy device designed to enhance neural activity and detect the likeliness of a user progressing into clinically diagnosed Alzheimer’s up to 10 years before a conventional diagnosis.

Unveiled at the virtual CES 2021 event, the system is comprised of a portable EEG brain mapping device featuring LED photo-biomodulators, allowing users to take part in regular check ups, allowing health care professionals to offer virtual care by monitoring patients remotely.

The iMediSync uses a form of personalised photobiomodulation therapy (a form of light therapy) that uses non-ionizing light sources such as LED or lasers in combination with AI deep learning to detect signs of mental degeneration. Working with an interconnected cloud based ecosystem, medical professionals can remotely access patient information to provide personalised photobiomodulation therapy to patients.


The system works with IMediSync’s iSyncMe mobile application which screens and identifies Alzheimer or non-Alzheimer types of amnestic mild cognitive impairment to prevent dementia at a pre-clinical stage. with more than 90% accuracy in clinical trials.  

iMediSync is also conducting research efforts in the development of new biomarkers for other neurological conditions, including comas, ADHD, depression, Parkinson’s disease, children developmental disorders and more.


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