Braehler goes wireless (or not!)

Braehler goes wireless (or not!)
Braehler has introduced DIGIMIC, its latest conferencing platform. The new product incorporates both wireless and wired technologies to be truly flexible.

Switching between wired and wireless solutions is simply a matter of replacing a cable with a battery. The units are all capable of both. The system provides a 100% stand alone solution, and is completely self configuring. True plug and play setup ensures that any microphone unit is operational the moment it is connected.

TCP/IP communication is used to provide microphone control and name handling as well as other conference functionality. Braehler has also developed a new transmission protocol for the wireless system, with adaptive frequency hopping, dynamic frequency diversity and forward error correction.

The system also employs digital audio encoding at 48kHz / 24 bit with full range frequency response. It is a resistant to interference from cellular devices and other RF sources.

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