Bouyer bought out by French fire safety specialists

Bouyer bought out by French fire safety specialists
Philippe Lécuyer, President of the DEF Group, has taken over the company’s activities.

Lécuyer plans to re-launch and develop Bouyer, incorporating its assets with the development strategy of the DEF Group which has become the French number one for fire security system solutions and services over the last 50-years.
Bouyer, founded in 1933 by Paul Bouyer, specialises in the design, manufacture and the sale of public address systems, including a security range.
Following the company’s entry into receivership in January 2010, the staff built a take-over project and approached the DEF Group, which confirmed its interest in sound activities.
With the acquisition of Bouyer, the DEF Group has added an additional string to its bow, whilst forecasting a growing significance for sound systems in the fire safety market.

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