Bosch reveals preliminary figures for 2014

According to preliminary figures released, Bosch Group increased its sales by 6.2% in 2014 to 48.9 billion euros. After adjustments made for exchange rate effects, sales growth was 7.2%. Sales results were negatively impacted by exchange rate effects for an amount approximately valued at 500 million euros.

Sales growth in the Asia Pacific was 17% and this number becomes roughly 20% after adjusting for exchange rate effects. The sales growth in Asia Pacific was the highest for Bosch when compared with the numbers posted by other regions.

The growth in Asia is due to the special attention Bosch has paid to the region. The company hired extensively in Asia in 2014 and also established research centres in Vietnam and India. Denner, CEO of Bosch, said: “In 2015, too, innovations will be major drivers of our sales growth. Local developments for each market are especially important.”

According to its latest forecasts, Bosch is expecting economic growth in 2015 to be moderate. Current forecasts project global economic growth of 2.7%.