Bosch embraces Dante

Bosch embraces Dante
Bosch Communications has adopted the Dante audio networking solution across all its brands, according to an announcement from Dante creator, Audinate. Dante is currently patent pending and provides digital audio network using standard internet protocols.

The agreement allows all Bosch brands including Electro-Voice (EV), Dynacord, Telex, Midas, Klark Teknik and Bosch to incorporate Dante.

“Dante will become the foundation of our Common Audio Protocol (CAP) communications solution across the Bosch Communication Systems companies,” said Bill Scott, vice president of Engineering and Technology, Bosch Communications Systems. “We selected Dante because of its ease-of-use, lower latency and scalability.”

Dante is a scalable solution that works on both 100Mbits and 1Gigabit Ethernet. Dante combines low latency and sample-accurate playback timing with the convenience and economy of using today’s standard computer networking hardware.

David Myers, COO of Audinate, said he was pleased that Bosch Communications Systems would be incorporating Dante into its solutions.

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