Bosch combines sound, safety and security in the Kia Metropol Arena Nuremberg

Bosch combines sound, safety and security in the Kia Metropol Arena Nuremberg
The Kia Metropol Arena in Nuremberg, Germany, which opened in 2021 and is home to Bundesliga football, corporate conferences, and cultural events features the IP-based Praesensa system from Bosch.

The technological heart of the system is the IP-based Praesensa system from Bosch, a flexible solution with a built-in fail-safe due to its multi-channel amplifier architecture. A digital mixing console and radio microphones are connected to the system, and a total of 56 certified full-range loudspeakers from Electro-Voice were installed in the interior of the Kia Metropol Arena.

The acoustics of sports halls are often considered particularly difficult to get right due to the reverberation caused by the spacious architecture. To address this, Bosch’s sound system experts and acoustic designers ran extensive simulations in a 3D model, in combination with fine tuning on site. The result is that the 20,000-watt system guarantees clarity of speech in every single seat; the system covers all buildings and rooms, including VIP lounges, press rooms, catering, changing, and training zones where additional loudspeakers are installed. All announcements can therefore be heard everywhere, with the best possible speech intelligibility.

Announcements can be made live or played automatically from digital memory. Meanwhile, maintenance by Bosch can be carried out quickly and remotely, while adjustments can be made easily by updating the software. At the same time, the system is highly energy efficient, as the system was designed to keep power consumption as low as possible.


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