Bosch announces mobile application for speaker selection

Bosch announces mobile application for speaker selection
The Bosch loudspeaker range consists of over 70 products, which can now be browsed using the LSP Select app.

The company says that this will make choosing the appropriate loudspeaker for a particular task considerably easier, providing a digital version of its printed loudspeaker selection tool of last year.

The app allows the user to browse by speaker category and then by individual product. It also indicates clearly which products are EN54 compliant. It is also possible to filter the product database by various specs, including rated power, SPL Max ad at distance, horizontal and vertical opening angles and general musical quality.

All in all this feels like a well built app, and if you often specify Bosch equipment then it's well worth a download. You can grab it from the Apple app store at the link below, and it will also soon be available for Android device.

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