Bosch announces EN54 certification for its VA range

Bosch Security Systems has announced that both its Plena and Praesidio voice alarm systems have been granted EN54 certification.

The certification extends to the central voice alarm equipment, VACIE, and also the peripherals such as loudspeakers.

Bosch Security Systems says that it has long been a leading supporter of international standards for security equipment.

Bosch can now announce that all components of its voice evacuation systems have been granted EN 54 certification by these accredited laboratories. The Praesideo 3.5 and Plena VAS 2.16 central equipment have received certification to EN 54-16. Bosch also supplies charging equipment certified to EN54-4, and the company has been granted EN 54-24 certification for a broad range of loudspeakers covering a host of different application areas associated with voice EVAC. In contrast to other manufacturers, who offer only loudspeakers for one or two defined applications, Bosch can provide EN 54-24 certified products for the full range of audio applications, including voice alarm, speech and background music as well as foreground music and professional audio.