Bosch AI cameras protect Aachen Cathedral

Bosch AI cameras protect Aachen Cathedral
An AI-powered, connected video system from Bosch has been installed at Aachen Cathedral to improve security and health and safety at the historic landmark.

More than 50 Bosch Aviotec cameras were selected, featuring AI-based video analytics, to reliably detect smoke and flames directly at the source of ignition.

The system also provides alerts in cases of break-ins or vandalism and assists in managing visitor flows.

The cameras were installed in 16 rooms throughout the historical UNESCO World Heritage site, with AI algorithms that can differentiate between candlelight and a developing fire, reducing the likelihood of false alarms.  

When a fire is detected by the Aviotec cameras, the Aachen fire department is informed via the normatively integrated fire alarm system, with a monitor that shows arriving firefighters live images from the cathedral and informing them of the exact location where the threat was detected.

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