Boom Collaboration to enter UK conferencing market

Boom Collaboration to enter UK conferencing market
As part of a wave of global expansion, Boom Collaboration plans to enter the UK market with its own conferencing portfolio.

Founded in 2020, Boom Collaboration operates in 20 countries with plans to operate in an additional 30 countries.

The planned entry into the UK market coincides with new products from Boom Collaboration in the pipeline, alongside the development of a Boom training academy.

Fredrik Hörnkvist, co-founder, Boom Collaboration, commented: “Through these interesting, challenging and evolving times, from lockdowns to hybrid working, conferencing has been at the fulcrum of dramatic changes in daily and working life; how people interact and communicate, almost from anywhere.

“We might still be a relatively new kid on the block but we’ve already made big strides forward with much more to come. Over the last few years we’ve been laying strong foundations for sustained growth so that Boom can really start to boom in the UK and beyond!”

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