Biamp unveils study on collaboration tech

Biamp unveils study on collaboration tech
Biamp Systems has published a new whitepaper looking at the role collaboration technologies play in today’s businesses.

Titled “Clear Communications: Placing the End-User at the Heart of Collaboration” it highlights problems organisations reported as they expand working relationships over increasingly larger distances.

With more than 37% of respondents stating that time is regularly wasted on conference calls due to unsuccessful attempts to connect and poor sound quality, businesses must address these issues or they may find themselves falling behind more efficient and productive competitors.

The report emphasises the need for organisations to evolve their internal processes in order to cope with a workforce that continues to include numerous, international locations. With 43% of respondent businesses having opened one or more offices over the past three years, and another 16% either planning or considering expanding into a new location, IT departments are under increasing pressure to ensure that teams are able to communicate effectively despite being separated by continents, time zones, or cultures.

The whitepaper recommends that IT and AV departments must work together closely in order to develop an appropriate solution. IT decision makers agreed — with 62% of respondents stating that AV systems that are networked into the existing IT infrastructure would increase productivity at their companies. 52% added that such AV systems could improve their company’s bottom line.

“Clear communication is the primary facilitator of good business relationships,” said Graeme Harrison, executive VP of Marketing at Biamp.
“With workforces becoming increasingly distributed around the globe, businesses cannot afford to be let down by the technology they use to enable collaboration.
“High quality conferencing exists, but the introduction of desktop conferencing solutions requires companies to invest thoughtfully so they gain all the benefits from this technology.
"Ensuring that clear, intelligible audio is included with the other capabilities is critical. Coordination between the IT department and the AV expert will enable effective collaboration.”

Biamp's whitepaper can be viewed here, and the infographic can be viewed here.

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