Biamp releases training schedule for Asia and Middle East

Biamp releases training schedule for Asia and Middle East
Biamp Systems has released the training schedule for Asia and Middle East. The Biamp Education Experience provides courses for the company’s Vocia and Tesira product lines and hands out product certification.

Held in Hong Kong and Dubai, UAE from October 2014 through September 2015, the in-person sessions will deliver the best practices and technical concepts needed for successfully designing, installing, and commissioning audio projects with Biamp products.

In addition to the multi-day format, Biamp is offering webinar-based courses for distance learners on topics ranging from the basic “Audio 101” training courses — with tips, techniques, and skills — to VoIP to product-specific courses across all AV product lines.

Available at no cost to designers, programmers, and technicians, the newest “Audio 101” series includes webinars on filters and equalizers, gain structure, dynamic processing, wiring and interconnects, automixer basics, and VoIP basics.

This online learning curriculum is supported by Biamp’s YouTube Training Channel as well as Cornerstone, Biamp’s online technical support knowledge base containing detailed technical information on all Biamp products.

Kiley Henner, education and applications engineering manager at Biamp Systems, said: “Since launching the in-person program in 2013, Biamp has continuously expanded its training into different parts of the world in a variety of ways in order to accommodate a rising interest in our courses and technology. With new offerings for both in-person and online training, customers can complete their training requirements and continue to build their knowledge base with increased flexibility.”

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