Biamp announces software registration

Biamp announces software registration
Biamp has announced that beginning with the shipment of its new Tesira product, it will introduce compulsory software registration.

With effect from May 21st, users will have 30 days to register their software, and then a further 15 days grace during which period they will be prompted each day to register. After the full 45 day period has passed the software will remain functional, but will not connect to any Tesira devices until it’s registered.

The company says the registration process is another way in which it can provide continuous service and support. Biamp president Steve Metzger commented:
“Having customers register their Tesira software opens up new possibilities for delivering even higher levels of customer support. Tesira software registration will provide Biamp customers with greater access to more services and enhanced communications between the customer and factory in the future.”

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