Beyerdynamic stages seminars in Nigeria

Beyerdynamic stages seminars in Nigeria
Beyerdynamic recently partnered with Acti-Tech to stage seminars in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria on June 14 and 16.

The events were organised by Elmira Moraveji, operations manager, ME at beyerdynamic. Each seminar was introduced by Robert Winterhoff, MD of beyerdynamic and Peter Madu, MD of Acti-Tech.

Sessions were split into to two parts. The first, headed by Michael Pietschmann, head of application and technical support at beyerdynamic, offered an overview about beyerdynamic products and applications from the company’s audio systems business unit. 

The second part was led by Bernd Neubauer, artist relation and application engineer stage at beyerdynamic, and covered technical training on wireless technology in microphones systems. RF training included discussions regarding challenges in design and set-up of wireless microphones in installations and live applications.

While the session in Lagos attracted more than 90 participants, the Abuja seminar welcomed more than 150.

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