Belarus university to fully implement VR learning for medical students

Belarus university to fully implement VR learning for medical students
Proven Solution, a venture by Proven Arabia focusing on AI and robotics, has signed an agreement with Belarusian State Medical University (BSMU) to implement immersive learning technology for medical students, using VR technology.

The educational application, which uses VR, is part of Proven Solution’s healthcare platform, which consists of a series of applications. The application is used to teach medical students auscultation- the practice of listening to the internal sounds of the body using a stethoscope.

Using this technology, students will have the opportunity to experience virtually simulated lab exercises, and real-life patient scenarios, enhancing the learning experience. In the future, the technology will also benefit doctors by enabling them to examine hearts and lungs in a virtual environment, complementing traditional approaches.

The VR training serves to emulate the environment in the doctor’s office and is highly effective in helping students through the examination process. The technology gives students several advantages over traditional approaches to medicine, particularly in times of Covid-19, which has limited interactions with patients significantly.

Zaid Al Mashari, group CEO of Proven Arabia said, “Immersive learning reflects the emergence of new technologies that are shaping and enhancing learnings across the education sector. We realise that higher education is undergoing a massive transition where new technologies are being used to improve skills. A Proven Solution, we are excited to partner with Belarusian State Medical University to introduce interactive and immersive AR and VR lessons in the curriculum and continuously improve the students’ knowledge and provide them with newer ways of learning, with the help of VR technologies.”

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