Barco VLS partner meeting strikes positive note

Barco VLS partner meeting strikes positive note
October 5-6 saw Barco host its annual Video and Lighting Solutions partner meeting at its Kortrijk customer centre.

The company invited partners from the rental & staging and fixed installation markets to view its latest product offerings as well as network with staff and peers.
Following keynote presentations from Barco about their new products, and an optimistic forward look at the market, guests were given small group demonstrations of products, along with the opportunity to ask detailed questions of product specialists.
On view in particular, was the new Elements range, which Barco is using for a push into the mid segment of the market. The company argues that it can reduce costs whilst maintaining quality by including more basic functionality and limiting the use of its own proprietary technologies.
Following the days presentations and hands on sessions, guests were then treated to an evening’s entertainment at “The House of God”, which included a 30 minute projection mapping presentation on the side of the building, written and performed by Philipp Geist.