Barco powers newly opened Arte Museum Dubai

Barco powers newly opened Arte Museum Dubai
The Arte Museum Dubai has opened its doors at the Dubai Mall, an immersive digital art venue which harnesses Barco projection throughout.

Showcasing digital art by Korean digital design company d’strict, the exhibition features works inspired by nature in its ‘Eternal Nature’ exhibition which incorporates both natural landscapes and the cultural backdrop of the city as new media artworks. Each of the exhibition’s 14 zones find visitors at the base of towering waterfalls, strolling beaches and under the lights of the aurora borealis.

Barco stepped in to supply all of the projectors for d’strict’s international digital art museum projects in the next four years, in a deal valued to exceed 15 million euros. This deal includes a hardware delivery of three-chip and single-chip DLP laser projectors, with access to Barco’s Insights Management Suite for global fleet management and a service offering which is streamlined for global geographies.

The Dubai installation is powered by 47 G62-W9 and 29 UDM-4K22 projectors. Various media technologies such as projection mapping, multi-image control and sensor-based interaction systems are on full display in the new art space.

Ta Loong Gan, executive vice president immersive experiences, Baro, commented: "Through our partnership with d'strict, we've cultivated a robust alliance rooted in mutual trust and innovation.

"Our commitment to providing superior technology and reliable service, coupled with d'strict's visionary approach ensures that Arte Museum offers a consistently breathtaking experience worldwide. Together, we ensure that every visitor, no matter where they are, can indulge in the awe-inspiring beauty of digital art."

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