Barco brings Avatar premier to London

Barco brings Avatar premier to London
Barco projectors were on hand when the world premier of revolutionary film Avatar hit London’s Leicester Square on December 10.

The Empire cinema acted as the lead theatre for the long-awaited premier, hosting more than 1,300 guests and using the Dolby 3D solution for large screens.

“Empire Leicester Square boasts one of the largest screens in the UK, which is why it regularly plays host to world premieres,” said Julian Pinn, business development manager of production services group, Dolby Laboratories. “Avatar promises to deliver state-of-the-art 3D special effects to audiences around the world. To ensure every seat in Empire Leicester Square enjoys the fully immersing 3D experience, Dolby Production Services worked with Barco, Empire, and Twentieth Century Fox to ensure the best combination of brightness, image sharpness, and colour accuracy to display this spectacular new movie as director James Cameron intended.”

To meet Cameron's exacting standards for Avatar's premiere, Dolby and Barco worked to provide a customised solution, comprising two Dolby 3D large-screen systems, featuring four Barco DP-3000 ultra bright digital cinema projectors. Using dual stacked Barco projectors for the left eye and an additional dual stack for the right eye, each set features Dolby's 3D colour filter technology.

“Avatar is one of the most keenly anticipated movies of the year,” says Tim Sinnaeve, sales director EMEA, Digital Cinema Business, Barco. “So we are delighted to be working with Dolby to meet James Cameron's meticulous requirements, which will ensure an outstanding 3D screening for everyone attending this important world premiere at the Empire.”