Barco announces new UK and Ireland distribution agreements

Barco announces new UK and Ireland distribution agreements
Barco has announced new UK and Ireland distribution partnership agreements.

Barco has appointed Lang UK and Midwich Group as the preferred distribution partners in the United Kingdom and Ireland for projection and image processing products. 

Midwich and Barco have been working together for three years. In continuation of this successful collaboration, the updated agreement appoints Midwich as the sole distributor for Barco projectors in the UK and Ireland.

Continuing its distribution agreement for Barco IP products in the UK is Lang, the partnership with the supplier goes beyond the distribution agreement by also serving the market as service and training partners offering Barco certified trainings for EventMaster and image processing products to its local customers.

PSCo (part of the Midwich Group) has significantly expanded its rental fleet with a range of Barco EventMaster products. In the new Barco UK distribution agreements, PSCo is now one of the two distribution partners for the image processing portfolio.

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