Barco and Televic Education join forces with KU Leuven to explore collaborative learning platforms

KU Leuven

Barco and Televic Education have signed a partnership with KU Leuven (KULAK - Kortrijk campus) to explore how technology can help educational institutions implement a new way of learning and teaching.

Under the TECOL project (Technology-Enhanced Collaborative Learning), the three partners will set up a living lab at the KULAK campus. There, they will investigate the power of technology to foster interaction, collaboration and, as a result, student engagement in traditional classrooms, multi-site environments and virtual, worldwide classrooms.

Under the TECOL project, KU Leuven will test the efficacy and value of Barco's Clickshare, combined with Televic’s educational software solutions.

KU Leuven has been a long-term investor in educational technology, and will now call in the help of its in-house ITEC research team and specialists from the Faculties of Psychology and Educational Sciences and of Medicine to study how existing educational technology can be used to enhance learning and engagement. In practice, the research team will set up a living lab at the KULAK campus in Kortrijk to examine several use cases: how to increase student interactivity during lectures, build collaborative learning spaces and set up a multi-location learning environment. Using the insights gathered, KU Leuven plans to develop new technology solutions that enable interactive, collaborative learning.

Rik Torfs, director at KU Leuven: “This is a unique chance for KU Leuven to position itself as a frontrunner in edtech. More important, of course, are the results: we hope to gain interesting insights into how technology can help boost interactivity and collaboration and, as such, raise engagement levels and improve the success of our students.”