Barco achieves CO2 Neutral label for ClickShare CX-50 2nd generation

Barco achieves CO2 Neutral label for ClickShare CX-50 2nd generation
ClickShare CX-50 2nd generation, the latest addition to Barco's ClickShare wireless conferencing range, has been granted the CO2 Neutral Silver label by climate advisory organisation CO2logic.

The carbon-neutral label indisputably guarantees that Barco has significantly reduced the CO2 emissions throughout the product lifecycle of the CX-50 2nd generation. 

The carbon footprint of the CX-50 2nd generation was calculated considering the emissions from the production process, product usage and end-of-life processing. Reducing emissions was achieved by focusing on four areas established as critical by Barco:  

  1. Energy performance. The CX-50 2nd generation is designed with a strong focus on energy efficiency and complies with the strictest requirements for standby mode. 
  2. Use of materials. Barco chooses recycled and durable materials. The CX-50 2nd generation is made with 100% non-paint, recyclable plastics and halogen-free PCB. 
  3. Packaging & logistics. ClickShare uses biodegradable sugarcane packaging that can be fully recycled and reused. Barco strives to make packaging as light as possible and uses sea shipment to minimise its end-to-end logistic footprint. 
  4. Lifecycle. ClickShare’s Trade-in Program provides a sustainable solution for customers to replace their older hardware, which is recycled in an environmentally-conscious way. 

The remaining carbon emissions associated with the production and use of the CX-50 2nd generation are offset by the Qianbei Afforestation Project, which consists of strategically planting trees to transform wasteland into a thriving forest in the Guizhou province in South China.  

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