Axis, Bosch and Sony to cooperate on surveillance

Axis, Bosch and Sony to cooperate on surveillance
Axis Communications, Bosch Security Systems and Sony Corporation have announced that they will be cooperating to create an open forum aimed at developing a standard for the interface of network video products.

Currently, there is no global standard defining how network video products such as cameras, video encoders and video management systems should communicate with each other. The new standard is expected to comprise interfaces for specifications such as video streaming, device discovery, intelligence metadata etc. The framework of the standard, incorporating the key elements of network video product interoperability, will be released in October 2008 at the Security show in Essen, Germany.

The main goal of this new standard is to facilitate the integration of various brands of network video equipment and to help manufacturers, software developers and independent software vendors ensure product interoperability. A unified open standard will also offer end-users greater flexibility of choice, enabling them to select products from different vendors in order to develop systems that fully meet their needs. This standardisation initiative demonstrates the strong commitment of Axis, Bosch and Sony to supporting the ongoing shift from analogue to digital surveillance in the security market.

A forum set up by the three companies will be open for all companies and interest groups who would like to participate in the standardisation work. The forum will be established in the fourth quarter of 2008, and will work on further development of the standard and on reaching agreement on how the new technology should be implemented.

Ray Mauritsson, president of Axis Communications commented: “We are very pleased to announce this cooperation between our companies. An open standard will make it even easier for integrators and end-users to benefit from the many possibilities offered by IP-based video surveillance technology.”

Gert van Iperen, executive vice president at Bosch commented: “This cooperation represents a great leap forward in establishing an international open forum focusing on network video surveillance. For manufacturers of network video hardware and software, the forum and its standard will be an efficient way to ensure product interoperability.”

Yoshinori Onoue, senior vice president, Corporate Executive, Sony Corporation commented: “We entered this discussion based on our common belief that an open standard will provide great benefits for users and everyone involved in the security industry. Representatives from Axis, Bosch and Sony are now working intensively to develop a framework for the standard and to establish the guidelines for the standardisation forum.”

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