AVnu Alliance recruits d&b audiotechnik

AVnu Alliance recruits d&b audiotechnik
d&b audiotechnik are the latest manufacturer to join the Avnu Alliance, an industry consortium that promotes the adoption of AVB/TSN (Audio Video Bridging/Time Sensitive Networking) protocols and an open ecosystem for certified products.

The set of open standards introduced by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) aims to support using standard Ethernet for production quality audio and video, and control data. The Avnu Alliance seeks to educate on how AVB/TSN can offer performance and reliability improvements while enabling a healthy, multi-vendor ecosystem.

Speaking on the decision to join the alliance as a promoter member, d&b product manager Vicent Perales said: “d&b is known to be a supporter of open standards, such as OCA (Open Control Architecture, recently ratified by the Audio Engineering Society as AES70).” He added: “Joining the AVnu Alliance and supporting AVB/TSN as open audio transport protocols is another good fit for us.”

Gary Stuebing, AVnu Alliance president, added: “This move further ratifies AVnu’s position at the vanguard of interoperable, open standards-based networking technology.”

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