AVIXA to host AV market research and thought leadership events

AVIXA to host AV market research and thought leadership events
AVIXA will present the latest market research and thought leadership at the show, hosting a series of events throughout the week at ISE from higher education to the first AVIXA diversity council.

Market research and thought leadership

On 11 February 2020, Sean Wargo, senior director of market intelligence, AVIXA, will present EMEA data and insights from AVIXA’s ‘Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis’ (IOTA) report in a series of sessions on the ISE main stage. The first session will take place from 12:00-12:30 with an additional session on 14 February 2020 from 10:00-10:30. 

The sessions will include updated data that expands on the 2019 IOTA report and highlighting emerging EMEA trends. 

Additional AVIXA sessions will focus on a variety of industry topics throughout the week, with conferences for enterprise and higher education sectors taking place. 

Wargo explained: “It’s an exciting time for the industry, AV is everywhere – not just in markets across the world geographically, but also in a growing range of vertical markets, with underlying technologies that are continuing to mature.

“These aspects help to place the industry in a strong position, despite some economic concerns globally. We’re excited to share our findings from the latest research conducted by our market intelligence team, including growth areas that shine a light on what we can expect in the next few years for AV.”

AVIXA Higher Education AV Conference

The AVIXA Higher Education AV Conference will take place on 11 February 2020, supported by European University Information Systems (EUNIS) and Standing Conference for Heads of Media Services (SCHOMS), chaired by Gill Ferrell, leader, EUNIS. 

The conference will focus on a range of perspectives such as how to enhance the learning and teaching experience through the use of AV technologies. 

Professor Mike Wald, University of Southampton, will highlight how the accessibility of AV for learning can be improved with current technologies, discussing the potential for AI to improve the availability of accessible AV media. 

 Dom Pates, City, University of London, will comment on the future use of ‘holographic’ technology for academia, speculating what can be done to make the application of the technology a reality. 

AVIXA Enterprise AV Conference
On 12 February, the AVIXA Enterprise AV Conference will take place, held in association with the AV User Group. 

The importance of data analytics in AV will be highlighted, explaining how data insights can help to improve workspace and meeting efficiencies. 

How analysing business interactions through email, instant messaging, collaboration tools and in the meeting room can be used to determine improved workspace design, system design to provide effective, user-centric working and meeting spaces.               

Flashtrack Sessions                                                                                            

AVIXA will also host free FlashTrack sessions, covering User Experience, AV/IT, Design and Emerging Trends. FlashTrack attendees who take part in the sessions will earn CTS renewal credits. 
In addition, AVIXA will host committees and councils dedicated to the planning and development of membership policies and education training programmes. 

Visitors can join discussions on industry challenges, with the first 2020 AVIXA Diversity Council event, featuring June Sarpong, director of creative diversity, BBC as keynote speaker. 

Ann Brigida, senior director of standards, AVIXA, will host a panel dedicated to highlighting the integral role of standards in AV and how standards can add value to professional AV businesses. 

AVIXA Women’s Council Forum

 The AVIXA Women’s Council Forum, in partnership with Women in AV (WAVE), will feature a keynote presentation by Angels Chacón, minister for business and knowledge, Catalan Government, focusing on inspiring and supporting women in business. 

ISE 2020 will run from 11-14 February at the RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.