AVI-SPL unveils AVI-SPL VideoLink brand

AVI-SPL unveils AVI-SPL VideoLink brand
AVI-SPL has announced the launch of a new sub-brand, AVI-SPL VideoLink, to represent its suite of enterprise video products and services.

AVI-SPL VideoLink delivers broadcast quality video from any lens to any screen, giving brands, executives, and content producers peace of mind that their message is professionally packaged and well-received.

As organisations everywhere rethink how to amplify their message and build connections with stakeholders, enterprise video has become the nucleus of their communications strategy. According to Forrester Research, 88% of companies say video is crucial to foster corporate culture. Many companies today are adopting a video-first model to increase and improve employee and customer engagement.

With this, AVI-SPL VideoLink is seeing unprecedented demand for their enterprise video products ranging from video production to content creation to live TV broadcast, event streaming, remotely controlled studios, and managed services – all able to be delivered at a global scale.

AVI-SPL acquired VideoLink in January 2017.


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